It is our endure to make available our reports promptly, which also contain-where necessary- simple solutions to the extent possible in respect of inconsistencies to be ironed out.We always aim to provide solutions and advice that could help the client to manage their financial affairs more efficiently and economically.We train our staff so as to understand the business philosophy of our clients broadly and to carry out auditing and financial reviews in a manner which is most suitable to the requirements of the clients.We assist our clients in developing and installing appropriate systems to help in generating effective management reporting.

We Provide The Following Services :

1. Issue Management (IPOs, Rights Offer, FPOs Etc)
2. Advisory services on structuring of Capital & Debt.
3. Qualified Institutional Placements.
4. Financial and Management accounting
5. Auditing and Assurance including Bank Audits.
6. Secretarial services for on-going and upcoming corporates.
7. Direct and Indirect Taxation,matters.
8. All financial aspects relating to mergers, amalgamation etc.
9. Independent Valuation Opinion.
10. Design and implementation of ERP.
11. Financial services in respect of projects including raising through National and International Institutions- PE and Venture Funds through PIBP/FDI route.